Artisan du Liban
L'artisan du Liban est mon choix pour le développement de mon projet de License. Mon concept se base sur un mélange entre le traditionnel let le modernisme tout en laissant des traces "humaines" dans les éléments que j'ai travaille méticuleusement.
Artisan du Liban 
Academic Project (Bachelor Degree Project - Graphic Arts / Advertising)
I have always been fascinated by the arab culture and especially my own lebanese culture.
D'ou mon choix: l'Artisan du Liban (des objets hand-made traditionnels avec des touches "modernes")

The design concept evolves around a mixing between modern and tradition.And that's how the "wire idea" is born.
The more you pregress through the site, the more the wire takes different shapes. 
Each section is represented by an arabesque shape which represents the traditional side as for the wire, it represents modernism and simplicity. 

Each and every element has benn meticulously crafted in order to create the hand-made effect and bring the human touch to the site just like the items displayed in the store.
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